RUST server wipes,
fully automated!

Wiping RUST servers takes preparation time! Starting from finding a seed, maybe generating a map preview, stopping the server to deleting map and player files and starting the server again - now do that for multiple servers... madness!

We're here to change that once and for all!

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Easy to Use

Rust-Wipes comes with an intuitive and easy to use dashboard to manage wipes, seeds, subusers and more.

Lightning Fast

Under perfect conditions, a wipe can take less than 5 seconds to complete.

Map Generation

Utilize's map generator. Filter imports, Discord map previews and more is possible!

Plan Ahead

Schedule wipes days, weeks or months ahead of time. It's also possible to just set and forget if you'd like to.


Our extensive and easy to use API lets you fully integrate Rust-Wipes into your own projects.

Discord Integration

Inform your players about current wipes, open map votes or just give them a countdown for the next wipe.

Choose a Plan

Depending on the size of your community, we've got the following plans to offer.



  • Manage 1 Server
  • Integration
  • API Access
  • Discord Bot
  • Automated Map Votes



  • Manage up to 5 Servers
  • Integration
  • API Access
  • Discord Webhooks
  • Automated Map Votes



  • Manage up to 20 Servers
  • Integration
  • API Access
  • Discord Bot & Webhooks
  • Automated Map Votes

Time-Saving & Feature-Packed

Instead of going trough each and every server stopping it, deleting files, adjusting seeds and map sizes, restarting the server and finally informing your players that you're finally done wiping ONE of possibly multiple servers. How long does it take you to do? 2 to 5 minutes per server? How about half a minute for all your servers? Rust-Wipes can do all that and more! Generate new maps via, automatically announce wipes in Discord, start map votes, send pre-wipe commands...

How does it work? - Magic

Rust-Wipes utilizes Pterodactyl®'s API to issue power actions, adjust startup variables and delete files. You setup wipes and seeds ahead of time and once the time is up Rust-Wipes does it's magic. Optionally Rust-Wipes will send a Discord notification for your users once the server is wiped and started. Opening a new map vote, deleting custom files and sending pre-wipe commands are just a small selection of features you'll get access to.

Head over to the FAQ for a selection of server providers that are 100% supported or just contact us.

Runtime Statistics

Everybody loves stats, here's what we've achieved since launching our service in September 2023!

RUST Servers

We're taking care of more than 108 servers' wipes, including map generations, map votes and Discord™ embeds via webhooks.


We're currently providing 1751 users with fully-automated RUST server wipes, helping them save valuable time.

Scheduled Wipes

To keep us busy, our users have currently more than 310 wipes scheduled for their servers! We've already successfully wiped servers for 2168 times!

Avg Wipe Speed

The average time required to completely wipe a server and confirming it's properly starting, is currently 26816 ms.

API Calls made a total of 56402 API requests to Pterodactyl® Panels to start & stop a server, delete files, send commands and more.

Time Saved

We've saved more than 85 hours hours of time wiping servers, assessing that one wipe takes about 2.5 minutes and not talking about preparation.

What our users say

I've been using Ptero-rust since the early days, and it has been one of the best tools for managing my servers. Its fully automated wiping feature makes managing the wipes for all my servers a breeze. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all users, 100%. However, now with rust-wipes, I find it even easier to use. It's a one-time setup, lightning-fast at wiping all servers, automatically generates maps, and has just added the feature of player-voted map wipes. Whether you run modded servers or community servers, rust-wipes handles it all seamlessly. After using rust-wipes, I'm even more convinced in recommending it to all users. This tool not only makes server management more convenient but also provides an outstanding user experience. Rust-wipes is undoubtedly an excellent choice for server management!


Owner of VivaRust

I've been using Stantastic's Ptero-Rust Wipe Interface since early release. It has been an absolute game-changer. I can confidently say that this is one of the best investments I have made for my server. The interface is user-friendly, and the level of automation it offers is unparalleled. The automation this interface provides is extraordinary. I no longer have to manually manage my wipes or worry that my servers always wipe on schedule. The seamless integration with the RustMaps API and the custom map filter allows me to keep my server fresh and engaging for my community.


Owner of ChillZoneRust has truly revolutionized my server wiping management. Without a doubt, this stands out as one of the most valuable additions I've made for my server. The user interface is intuitive, the automation capabilities it provides are simply unmatched. I no longer need to manually wipe our servers or be concerned about delaying the server wipes. The effortless integration with RustMaps API and the ability to import preferences as well as custom maps help me maintain a fresh & dynamic server experience for my community.


Owner of 420 Land RUST

I can confidently say that this is one of the best wipe panels I have seen, and I'm glad I can use them for my servers. The interface is user-friendly, easy to understand, and the level of automation options is endless. I no longer have to manually manage my wipes, make map votes, or worry that my servers won't wipe on schedule because I can't make it home to wipe them. I suggest everyone at least try it; you will fall in love. It will make managing server wipes so much easier.


Owner of